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Why Leveraxe

Advantages of VIPUKIRVES™ Leveraxe


New Vipukirves Leveraxe 2

Why did we develop the new version

Vipukirves 2

Vipukirves 2

– Innovative and efficient design.
– Lighter and faster.
– Very hard stainless steel.
– Latest methods in manufacturing.

Heikki Vipukirves – Leveraxe was born almost 10 years ago. In those days the only method to manufacture it was the precision casting. Vipukirves – Leveraxe is handwork from the beginning till the end and the manufacturing method is rather complicated and very long.

Vipukirves – Leveraxe got immediately very much attention and so the sales started nicely and has increased every year. We have got a lot of positive feedback from all over the world and people were asking if we could create a lighter version of our axe.

Because of the huge publicity we have got this year in all media, the demand of the axes has become enormous and the reputation of Vipukirves – Leveraxe is growing all the time.

I created the second model, Vipukirves – Leveraxe 2, which has all the same features as the first version. It is manufactured with the totally new method from the very hard stainless steel. With laser cutting we got very sharp forms and the result is in technical point of view exactly like in the first model and all parts fit together precisely.

All the safety elements work well also in the new model. Vipukirves – Leveraxe 2 is lighter to use and even not so strong person can use it easily for chopping the wood. Vipukirves – Leveraxe 2 is as powerful as in the first version. This is caused by the fact that with this lighter model the axe gets faster speed and therefore power is getting stronger.

The new model does not need any maintenance. It is also made in Finland. Both models are having world wide patents.

”Strike and loosen!” – Heikki, the inventor
Heikki Karna

Leveraxe in action

Video with Heikki chopping firewood with VIPUKIRVES™ Leveraxe watched by more than 4 million people.
VIPUKIRVES™ Leveraxe in slow motion.


Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Can VIPUKIRVES™ be used by a not so strong person?
Question 2: What is the function of the axe’s special design?
Question 3: Can I use VIPUKIRVES™ like a regular axe?
Question 4: Why does VIPUKIRVES™ have a wooden handle?
Question 5: Why is the handle so long?
Question 6: Will the blade stay attached to the handle if it dries out?
Question 7: Is the axe suitable for left handed people?
Question 8: Does the axe concentrate a lot of strain on the wrists by constantly levering to the side? Does is strain the arms as much as a traditional axe?
Question 9: Can it cut a branchy spruce or do I have to use a maul and a sledgehammer? How about a cross-branched spruce that doesn’t split when hit in a wrong place?
Question 10: How about large logs? I have a 120 cm (4 feet) poplar waiting to be chopped. Will VIPUKIRVES™ work on that? I also have a big spruce that is rotten on the inside and only the outside is not destroyed.
Question 11: Do I always need to put a car tire around the chopping block?
Question 12: I only have 10 cm (4 inches) wide trees. How do I split them?
Question 13: How often do I need to sharpen the blade?
Question 14: Will the blade rust in the rain?
Question 15: Pretty colorful device. Is it meant to scare rabbits away?


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